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Specializing in personalized, quality, estate management
Project Management
Estate Management

We create world class service seen as an art form. Expertise managing multiple estates, villas and staff internationally, with the knowledge of working within the Luxury Marketplace and in the Service Environment.

Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance is an important part of your home management. The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to extend the lifespan, performance and safety of your property.

A detailed plan of action is the nucleus of all projects. We have the expertise to facilitate household projects and organization, renovation resource and oversight, holiday preparation and gift giving, and so much more.

Domestic Staff Consultant

Most often, we are asked to come in to estates that are not running smoothly despite being fully staffed.  Every estate, new or existing,  needs fundamental stucture. We will build the structure, management plan and service standards for your team based on the vision you have for your home.

Private Concierge Services

More Time For Life believes that superior service is obtained only when expectations are understood and met.  We pride ourselves on delivering a custom concierge service designed to match our client’s specific needs. 

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